Sinmpe operation Just insert a sample and press the bottom.
Auto-detection Fluorescent labeled pinworm eggs are automatically detectedwith image analysis software.
Date storage Test results are stored in the database so that you can seethem any time.
Great help The pinworm egg's auto-detection can greatly reduce thenumber of examinations under a microscope.This lightens the work load for laboratory technicians.

Unit dimensions W273×D298×H337mm excluding accessories
Weight Approx. 9 kg
PC connection USB 3.0
Read sensor CMOS color sensor
Sohware Object detection software

Set a sample in it's holder. Insert it into the opening at the center of the unit and press the start button.
It will automatically start shooting and testing.
The result produced is displayed on the screen.

Sample data confirmed by examination is stored in the database so that you can see them any time.

The specimen of pinworm egg is displayed at the same magnification of the detection eggs to identify.
This helps you identify the detection eggs, com pared to the real egg of the pinworm.
You can also identify the detecting position on the screen.